Fat Shaming Vs Fat Acceptance – Why you’re both doing it wrong…

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The latest in social media is the argument about America’s fast growing obesity rate and it is not something you can overlook when things are posted that are incredibly ignorant.  There are three sides to this argument…

Those who are advocating fat shaming by announcing that people who are overweight are not only terrible but are also child neglecting scumbags that have no right to breathe the air that the slim people breathe.  Fat shamers throw around stereotypes and note them as fact.

Overweight people are unwashed.

Overweight people are lazy.

Overweight people are grouchy.

I have seen so many comments geared toward the obese suggesting they starve themselves because, “Hey!  You can live for years off of the fat in your body.”  Seems legit.  Right?  Anyway…no matter how incredibly moronic these people make themselves sound, there is another side to this battle that holds great potential to be equally as ignorant.

The fat acceptance advocate who will stop at nothing to do the very same thing the fat shamer sets out to do…  Win the argument, stand for “something”, make someone who has a contradicting point-of-view see that they are the correct ones.  When in all honesty the only thing these groups are really doing is arguing in circles until someone gets bored and throws in the towel.  Both leave with their own opinion stapled firmly in place….

The thing is that more often than not both sides will also bring some seriously vital points to the argument which of course are camouflaged in layers upon layers of pointless overly-opinionated bullshit.

Fat Shaming People’s Valid Points:

Lose weight for your own health.

Obesity is one leading cause of cancers, diabetes, and heart/brain disease.

Lose weight so your children may see a good example and eat healthy themselves.

Make good choices.

Fat Accepting People’s Valid Points:

Just because people are slim doesn’t make them healthy.

Love yourself for who you are and who cares what others think?

Make your OWN choices that aren’t based on someone’s opinion.

It is ok to be larger than a size one.

You don’t have to pick sides and it is perfectly fine to agree with some points that both sides have.  Of course with the overwhelming need to take a stand in today’s unnatural politically correct society, you shouldn’t be surprised if you lose friends for not agreeing.  That’s just the way it is.  The point is to stop putting pressure on people in a society that is already full of it and remember that stress over stupid little things like this is yet another leading cause to serious health issues…including obesity.

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Image from: http://iwilldoit2.com/


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