Social dieting…

Tomorrow is my 55th day of logging my foods, exercise, and nutrition habits into  I have the app on my phone and I have even made a few friends.  It is amazing to follow the progress and transitions myself and others have made over that short of an amount of time.  Simply seeing the reality of what I was doing to my body was crazy.

Honestly I am not what you would call a “clean eater” but I try my hardest to do my best on the budget I have.

In this pursuit of a healthier self the first thing I did was talk to friends who have been doing this for a long time as well as researching the safe behaviors while you make such a drastic lifestyle (its not a diet) change.

I love MFP but there is a dark underground (like most social platforms) that makes the fun of logging and celebrating…shitty and depressing…  People.  People with shitty opinions, people who think all people are the same, people who think their way is the right way, people who lost weight and think they can help all of the people even if they don’t want it, people ruin most things.  Granted most of my MFP friends are pretty cool and you only really run into the occasional asshole and if an asshole tries to add you…more than likely, they find you asshole worthy which is not very often.

I am not in a hurry to join the asshole society of MFP.  This battle is my own and I couldn’t give two shits about what you ate today unless you’re my friend and we’re discussing recipes or I am being facetious.  So, no…you cannot help me if I allow public access to my “diary”.

Everything has it’s downside and for MFP this con happens to be the overly social aspect about something that should at least be semi-personal.  So…what about the pros?  Do they outweigh the cons?

Pros to using MyFitnessPal:

  • It has a nifty app that works with Android Phones, Windows Phones, and Iphones making it incredibly easy to schedule into your daily life.
  • You can log your foods, set goals, and keep them.
  • Log your exercise so you know how active you are and what you should work on next.
  • Make some awesome exercise pals who encourage and ask about you when you fall down.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Nutrition tracking so you can properly maintain a balanced diet provided you are honest about how you eat.

Overall the app and website are totally worth being a part of and there is something to be said about before and after photos…real ones…not just the faked, photoshopped, bullshit ones advertised in most popular diet commercials.  You are watching (in real time) the transition from obese to overweight to fit.  Its pretty effin awesome!


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