Snow adventures – Hopefully it’s the last…

Snow adventures – Hopefully it’s the last…

So it snowed…again.

This time there was at very least 4 inches of sleet underneath which created an amazing blanket of white!

At this point I am just sick to death of winter, but, I had to make the best of a bad snowed in situation and go on a photo-adventure!

The lucky shot…

This little bird must have been incredibly hungry…or…heard the rumors of making it big on those intronets because nothing made it move from the photo.


My son’s bike covered.

I told him to put it away and he was simply convinced that this storm wasn’t going to be that bad.

Next time, he’ll do what I told him to do…eh?


The clothes line covered in ice…

  lynna     100_4274     peapod 

A little bit of puppy love going on in these!

the barn

Ice glowing on the trees surrounding the snow covered barn.


Birds gathering around the feeder for lunch.


Poor unlucky tree that has taken a beating.


St. Francis statue with a bowl full of snow.


The sun makes an appearance long enough to snap the twinkling ice crystals.

posteredges landscape

Now that winter has successfully blocked the driveway and forced us all to stay inside…

It is more than welcome to take a long vacation and consider this season a job well done.

Nowwww bring on the tornadoes!


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