Adventures in gardening…

Of course I have been spending my time procrastinating posting this…

Leave it to binge watching seasons on Netflix in my free time to take away from my writing skills as I hopelessly drool in front of seasons upon seasons of a really awesome show until it ends leaving me to wonder just what in the hell I am going to do with my life.  My show of choice at this moment is Dexter…

And, I know most of you are asking yourselves just how in the hell I missed all of the seasons of such a fantabulous show.  Well…I am an idiot!  That is why…

I failed to realize just how awesome it is until the very last -and- shittiest season of all completely blew my mind.  Anyway!  That is where I’ve been and even as I write this post I have Season 6 Episode 12 paused and ready to go!

So lets get on with show and tell, shall we?  After all!  I have a season finale to watch!


After about 3 weeks of researching the right plants to grow, what these plants needed, and the many ways to start the seed.  It finally happened.

I bought a growing tray/greenhouse thingy-ma-doo from -hangs head in shame- Walmart and followed the directions to make these really awesome dirt pellets grow!  All you have to do with them is add water and these things grow like those weird spongy capsule toys we use to buy and put into our bathtubs as kids.


I got it on sale for $7.00 in the garden department.

The trays usually run between $7 and $13….


 ….and if you keep the plastic tray and lid there are refill packages for them.

Time to fill all 72 of the pellets with approximately 10 cups of water…

I planted Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Chives, Parsley, and Oregano.  Within 3 days of planting the seeds my little tiny green children started to curl out of the soil and expose bright and cheerful little leaves.


Since these little plantlings are all sprouted…

…it is now time to prepare the garden where they will become large plantlings.

Until next time.

❤ Scatter.





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