It is OUR fault…

One does not have to become a rocket scientist to figure out that humanity is forgetting the importance in life. Too often I run across facebook posts full of complaints about life and what others choose to do with theirs. A simple scroll will find one of the positive people you know trying to combat so many negative posts by sharing something that someone has done to help another human being. With that post, if you look in the comments, you will see people saying things like, “Faith in humanity restored.”

So why is it that we have the time to write a comment on something that someone else has done for another person but we cannot get off our asses to do the same? The only thing it takes to put a smile on someone’s face is to actually try. In most cases you will not be out a dime, maybe it costs a few seconds.

Here are five FREE ways that you can complete random acts of kindness on a daily basis… That’s right! It costs nothing.

1. Compliment others…
You do not have to become a complete kiss ass to randomly complement someone. You never know what that person has gone through in the hours that they’ve been awake and while you may be having an absolutely wonderful day…they may have just gone through one of the most horrible events in their lives. Do you know the person? Maybe…maybe not but it does not take long to smile sweetly and say, “Hi, you have beautiful eyes.”

2. Help someone who seems to be having trouble…
You notice that the person next to you has dropped $20 on the ground. Do you wait for them to walk away and keep it? Or do you hand it back? For once, try handing it back to them. You never know if that is the last $20 they have to feed their children on for the rest of the week, now do you? Is the person struggling to carry heavy things? HELP!

3. Say positive things…
Don’t be a pessimist when one of your friends is thinking positively by blurting out the horrible things that COULD happen.

When one of your friends is being a pessimist…try reassuring them instead of agreeing that THIS will most certainly end badly.

4. Explore…
Try stopping at the pet store or an animal shelter on your way home from work to pay attention to the animals on display. They need love and attention just as much as an animal that actually has a place to call home. While you are at it feel free to say, “Hi” to the obviously homeless person sitting on the sidewalk.

5. Tolerate others…
Have tolerance for other people’s beliefs and don’t try to convince another person that your way is the only way.

Those are my ides and now I am interested in hearing yours! Feel free to post them in the comments!

❤ Scatter


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