So you’re worried about the fattie in the family…

I saw this question posted to one of the fitness pages I currently follow. No plans in this post to give credit where credit is due because I do not want to credit a perfectly awesome page with lots of great advice in a negative post.  Don’t worry, page, I will credit you in a superly-awesome amazaballs way.

Yep! You’re catching on quick…this, my friends, is a rant.

Now I have been struggling with my weight since 2009 when I hit the highest weight I had ever seen on a scale. I was matter-of-factly morbidly obese and BREAKING the scale at 346 pounds. No! Seriously.  I broke it.  When I would stand on the scale, the weight from my body would push the metal down and stop the little spinny thing from rotating.

fat copy


I mean, I was SOOO much of a sex kitten that my rolls had rolls and I think (according to some lovely family members) my butt started to sprout another butt.  I mean it…I had a mini ass coming off of my ass.  I had a double ass.

Since this photo I have lost a lot of weight…and by a lot, I mean that I’ve lost a human and a half.  There was a short period after the death of a close relative that I gained about 50 or 60 pounds in between.  This weight gain prompted me to go even further into the fitness realm and make even MORE healthy changes like managing macros, building muscle, and taking the steps needed to not only lose weight but achieve greatness.  Still a work in progress…

There were so many people who “worried” about me.  Told me that I shouldn’t really shovel ANYTHING into my body because I had already eaten enough and that I was going to kill myself if I continued on this way.  With a smile I would walk away…stop at the drive thru and literally EAT those words.  Nothing anyone said had an effect on me…well, of course, other than hurting my feelings.

I know what you’re going to say…  “It’s for your own good.

To beat you to the punch.  My answer to your ignorant statements justifying the reason why these people said such hateful things is, “bullshit.”  They didn’t say it to be constructive, or loving because there were absolutely no other suggestions stated other than me losing weight.  They didn’t say it because they were worried.  They said it because they saw an opportunity to belittle the person they considered a lesser human being because of her size.

Is there a way to help someone lose weight without being hurtful? ~Some user on Facebook, somewhere.


There is truthfully no way to suggest a lifestyle change of this magnitude to a person who is not ready to make those kinds of changes.  The only thing you will do by trying to “help” is hinder any kind of progress that the person has been trying to do on their own.

Maybe, instead, consider this.

What if they are happy, confident, and content with the skin they are in?  If the person you speak of is actually happy to be who they are and pleased with their appearance…then there is absolutely nothing you NEED to do to help them.  Besides minding your own business.

If you know for a fact that being overweight is not where the person wants to be and you would still like to help.  Try inviting them over for a healthy meal -I am assuming you know how to eat healthy if you are making such judgments- and show them what you can do with food in a healthy way, without all of the junk added.  Schedule a day to get together and slowly walk around an interesting area in your neighborhood or use your guest pass at the gym.

If you want to be proactive.  Help them.  Don’t just assume they are full of greed, lazy, and against change.  Fat people are not your punching bag, they are not diseased, and they are people just like you.  They just happen to be people that if pushed too much can sit on you and gouge your eyeballs out with their cereal spork -so- I would advise against being a dick.

❤ Scatter.


It is OUR fault…

One does not have to become a rocket scientist to figure out that humanity is forgetting the importance in life. Too often I run across facebook posts full of complaints about life and what others choose to do with theirs. A simple scroll will find one of the positive people you know trying to combat so many negative posts by sharing something that someone has done to help another human being. With that post, if you look in the comments, you will see people saying things like, “Faith in humanity restored.”

So why is it that we have the time to write a comment on something that someone else has done for another person but we cannot get off our asses to do the same? The only thing it takes to put a smile on someone’s face is to actually try. In most cases you will not be out a dime, maybe it costs a few seconds.

Here are five FREE ways that you can complete random acts of kindness on a daily basis… That’s right! It costs nothing.

1. Compliment others…
You do not have to become a complete kiss ass to randomly complement someone. You never know what that person has gone through in the hours that they’ve been awake and while you may be having an absolutely wonderful day…they may have just gone through one of the most horrible events in their lives. Do you know the person? Maybe…maybe not but it does not take long to smile sweetly and say, “Hi, you have beautiful eyes.”

2. Help someone who seems to be having trouble…
You notice that the person next to you has dropped $20 on the ground. Do you wait for them to walk away and keep it? Or do you hand it back? For once, try handing it back to them. You never know if that is the last $20 they have to feed their children on for the rest of the week, now do you? Is the person struggling to carry heavy things? HELP!

3. Say positive things…
Don’t be a pessimist when one of your friends is thinking positively by blurting out the horrible things that COULD happen.

When one of your friends is being a pessimist…try reassuring them instead of agreeing that THIS will most certainly end badly.

4. Explore…
Try stopping at the pet store or an animal shelter on your way home from work to pay attention to the animals on display. They need love and attention just as much as an animal that actually has a place to call home. While you are at it feel free to say, “Hi” to the obviously homeless person sitting on the sidewalk.

5. Tolerate others…
Have tolerance for other people’s beliefs and don’t try to convince another person that your way is the only way.

Those are my ides and now I am interested in hearing yours! Feel free to post them in the comments!

❤ Scatter

Adventures in gardening…

Of course I have been spending my time procrastinating posting this…

Leave it to binge watching seasons on Netflix in my free time to take away from my writing skills as I hopelessly drool in front of seasons upon seasons of a really awesome show until it ends leaving me to wonder just what in the hell I am going to do with my life.  My show of choice at this moment is Dexter…

And, I know most of you are asking yourselves just how in the hell I missed all of the seasons of such a fantabulous show.  Well…I am an idiot!  That is why…

I failed to realize just how awesome it is until the very last -and- shittiest season of all completely blew my mind.  Anyway!  That is where I’ve been and even as I write this post I have Season 6 Episode 12 paused and ready to go!

So lets get on with show and tell, shall we?  After all!  I have a season finale to watch!


After about 3 weeks of researching the right plants to grow, what these plants needed, and the many ways to start the seed.  It finally happened.

I bought a growing tray/greenhouse thingy-ma-doo from -hangs head in shame- Walmart and followed the directions to make these really awesome dirt pellets grow!  All you have to do with them is add water and these things grow like those weird spongy capsule toys we use to buy and put into our bathtubs as kids.


I got it on sale for $7.00 in the garden department.

The trays usually run between $7 and $13….


 ….and if you keep the plastic tray and lid there are refill packages for them.

Time to fill all 72 of the pellets with approximately 10 cups of water…

I planted Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Chives, Parsley, and Oregano.  Within 3 days of planting the seeds my little tiny green children started to curl out of the soil and expose bright and cheerful little leaves.


Since these little plantlings are all sprouted…

…it is now time to prepare the garden where they will become large plantlings.

Until next time.

❤ Scatter.




Everyone meet, Dick…

Everyone meet, Dick…

“Opinions are like assholes and everybody has one.”

I am sure everyone has encountered an individual who is hell bent on sharing “advice” pointing out how wrong you are either in your own opinions or the way you do something.  There are so many in this world who cannot possibly fathom a grey area existing and will argue or lecture for hours if permitted to make you see that their way is -in fact- the right way.

Fellow Scatterbrains I would like to introduce you to, Dick.  He has opinions…so many opinions and he will not be ignored.  In Dick’s opinion you are either right (agreeing with him) or wrong (disagreeing) and there is no “agree to disagree” with Dick…oh no.  He will argue his case until the very last breath falls from his lungs, he is blue in the face, and is feeling heart palpitations. -Don’t die, Dick-

You see…

Dick has a perfect life and you can tell it by his mid-grade desk job, his stick figure mini-van family, and his semi-awesome house that he has problems paying for…  On the surface he is a respected, Dick, always sharing his insight with others like-minded to him and happily maintaining a blind existence to anything other than his normal, average, everyday life of working in his cubicle and then returning home for Monday night football and a 12 pack with “the boys”.


Dick is so incredibly proud of who he is that he also feels he should talk to, instruct, and give advice to those he feels are lesser than him -but- he only offers his two cents.  Usually his advice is posted indirectly on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlet with a large audience of like-minded dicks who will throw the likes onto the board agreeing with his garble.  His famous quote this week is,

“I don’t understand lazy people who wont work.  Just get off your ass and get a job.”

Well, Dick!  You may be getting applauded by other closed minded individuals but do you realize that those of us who do not answer are looking at your post and thinking about how big of a pompous asshole you are?  I mean, yeah, it’s a free country.  You are protected and it is your right to make yourself look like a complete idiot if you so choose to posses that characteristic, but do you?  Really?  You choose this image for yourself?  What would Jesus think, Dick?  -tsk tsk-

Dick has a desk job and the power to hire as well as fire people.  He is the boss.  Dick has pull -pun intended- but he never uses his powers for good.  You see…it is easy for him to make such comments on the intronets and never ever think about repercussions for his actions because Dick doesn’t care that those underneath him have feelings.  After-all those who don’t work are lazy and to Dick…they don’t deserve his sympathy.

The reality is that there are so many people in this world who are just like Dick.  They spout off opinions on what you are, who you are, and who they think you are without a second thought that they may just be wrong about the person they are passing judgment upon.  The worst part about this is that dicks offer said opinions without offering up any kind of substantial advice or solution.  In other words the Dicks of the world just want to spew word vomit from the throat, to the mouth, and out of the lips in an effort to hear themselves speak.

Dick offers absolutely nothing to this world but an opinion…and….we all have them.

The lesson in this post is to spend less time judging others…like a Dick…and more time loving and understanding others…

❤ Scatter


Turning my brown thumb, green…

Image and project inspiration gathered from

Image and project inspiration gathered from

I have a confession to make!  I, Ms. Scatterbrained, have a brown thumb.

Year after year I try to grow plants and year after year I fail.  Maybe it is my lack of knowledge…  Maybe I water them too much or too little, but, every year something happens to cause my poor victims to die.  It is like I am instant death to all things green!

Cursed!  To live out my days wondering if I will ever make it through a season with happy little trees.

-I say with a balled up dramatic shaking fist in the air.-

I’ve succeeded once (until my male cat came into manhood and sprayed my green beauty) in growing a beautiful vining houseplant that sat proudly on-top of my entertainment center and wrapped around the sides as if to wave hello to all of my visitors who came in.  It was the top of most conversations and people would compliment how beautiful it was.  My mother-in-law gave me that plant and I was incredibly proud to see it survive my horrid plant-care ways!

After my precious passed away -don’t look at me like that- I found that no other plant would ever live to fight another day if my hands had touched them.  Though I was positively convinced that I possessed the hands of doom…  I tried again with upside-down hanging tomatoes (not Topsy Turvy, more like hanging basket with a hole in the bottom) an idea given to me -again- by my mother-in-law.  The tomato plants grew into mighty mighty plants with amazing fruit on them!  They gave us red tomatoes and green tomatoes through the beginning month of their existence and offered a beautiful view from our second story balcony for passersby to stop and admire.

When our apartment lease was up the following month we made the decision not to renew and to move to Georgia because my mother had fallen ill having complications with her blood pressure…

No problem, right?  They weren’t planted into the ground…all we had to do was pick them up and hang them in the van…for….12 hours…..beating them into submission on a long car ride from West Tennessee to Southeast Georgia.  Not to mention the change in climate from hot and humid to hot and dry and in direct line of fire with the sun baking down on top of them everyday.  Within a week…my poor tomatoes had met their grave.

If it isn’t one thing…it’s another with plants and me.  My lack of skills in the gardening department became so bad that I couldn’t even keep a cactus or a bamboo plant alive for longer than a week or (if I’m lucky) two weeks and if there were a plant protection organization out there like PITA for animals.  I would be in trouble!  Like…life in prison trouble for plant abuse!  At very least…they would probably burn poop in bags on the front porch or throw Miracle Grow on me in retaliation for my plant murdering ways.

Even though I have absolutely no business behind a pair of gardening tools; my brain will not allow me to simply give up trying and move onto something I am more skilled at doing well.  I simply cannot give up and admit that I have a permanent brown thumb and for the last week it has been my personal mission to endure the hard work of researching and making preparations to build a vertical planter out of recycled pallets to -once again- plant another garden of unfortunate plants.  Herbs to be exact!

Depending on my luck…

I will be documenting my success/failure in a series of gardening adventures.  WOOHOO!

Updates soon to come!

❤ Ms. Scatter.

Snow adventures – Hopefully it’s the last…

Snow adventures – Hopefully it’s the last…

So it snowed…again.

This time there was at very least 4 inches of sleet underneath which created an amazing blanket of white!

At this point I am just sick to death of winter, but, I had to make the best of a bad snowed in situation and go on a photo-adventure!

The lucky shot…

This little bird must have been incredibly hungry…or…heard the rumors of making it big on those intronets because nothing made it move from the photo.


My son’s bike covered.

I told him to put it away and he was simply convinced that this storm wasn’t going to be that bad.

Next time, he’ll do what I told him to do…eh?


The clothes line covered in ice…

  lynna     100_4274     peapod 

A little bit of puppy love going on in these!

the barn

Ice glowing on the trees surrounding the snow covered barn.


Birds gathering around the feeder for lunch.


Poor unlucky tree that has taken a beating.


St. Francis statue with a bowl full of snow.


The sun makes an appearance long enough to snap the twinkling ice crystals.

posteredges landscape

Now that winter has successfully blocked the driveway and forced us all to stay inside…

It is more than welcome to take a long vacation and consider this season a job well done.

Nowwww bring on the tornadoes!

Back in my day…

Have you ever looked back on your childhood and noticed exactly how much the world has changed since then?  I remember all of my favorite things from “back in my day” and compare them to today’s favorites….

Honestly…I feel as if our children are being shortchanged even if they are not aware of it.

So since I am celebrating my whopping 33rd birthday tomorrow…let’s do this!  The ten things that all children today are missing out on…


Metal Tonka Trucks!

They have….plastic ones now because they are so much more safe.  *rolls eyes*


Hammer pants…ok, maybe they sucked but we all loved them!

Justin Bieber has nothing on MC Hammer.


The joy of watching a Polaroid develop!

Because no one physically develops photos anymore.  WTF?!  How do you have your bedroom wall-o-friends?  Oh…yeah….Facebook.  :\


Garbage Pail Kids!  Why did you die?!

There is nothing that takes their place today…such a shame.


Probably the most awesome show on TV!

Because Sam and Kat don’t save their friends from suffocating in refrigerators.  Thats why.


Of course this list could not be complete without Popples…oh no!  I remember this very Popple being my greatest weapon in pillow fights with my sisters…that is…until he lost his tail and I tied it back together.

The today’s comparison is kinda cool though.  Build-A-Bear.  Still…you need Popples!


Only the GREATEST cereal toy EVER!

Now there are stupid scanny things on the side for a “chance to win a toy” bleh!


Hey kids!  Try riding a bike with this in your pocket!

Ok, so yeah Ipod is more convenience but it took skill to not drop this big bastard and when we did…they didn’t break.


The music to annoy your parents to…after they bought them.


Only the best movie of its time!

So parents…it is up to you!  Introduce your children to something from back in our day -because- if you don’t…you are depriving them of an amazing experience.

❤ Scatter