Back in my day…

Have you ever looked back on your childhood and noticed exactly how much the world has changed since then?  I remember all of my favorite things from “back in my day” and compare them to today’s favorites….

Honestly…I feel as if our children are being shortchanged even if they are not aware of it.

So since I am celebrating my whopping 33rd birthday tomorrow…let’s do this!  The ten things that all children today are missing out on…


Metal Tonka Trucks!

They have….plastic ones now because they are so much more safe.  *rolls eyes*


Hammer pants…ok, maybe they sucked but we all loved them!

Justin Bieber has nothing on MC Hammer.


The joy of watching a Polaroid develop!

Because no one physically develops photos anymore.  WTF?!  How do you have your bedroom wall-o-friends?  Oh…yeah….Facebook.  :\


Garbage Pail Kids!  Why did you die?!

There is nothing that takes their place today…such a shame.


Probably the most awesome show on TV!

Because Sam and Kat don’t save their friends from suffocating in refrigerators.  Thats why.


Of course this list could not be complete without Popples…oh no!  I remember this very Popple being my greatest weapon in pillow fights with my sisters…that is…until he lost his tail and I tied it back together.

The today’s comparison is kinda cool though.  Build-A-Bear.  Still…you need Popples!


Only the GREATEST cereal toy EVER!

Now there are stupid scanny things on the side for a “chance to win a toy” bleh!


Hey kids!  Try riding a bike with this in your pocket!

Ok, so yeah Ipod is more convenience but it took skill to not drop this big bastard and when we did…they didn’t break.


The music to annoy your parents to…after they bought them.


Only the best movie of its time!

So parents…it is up to you!  Introduce your children to something from back in our day -because- if you don’t…you are depriving them of an amazing experience.

❤ Scatter